The  Hyde Out exterior

The Hyde Out – Currently Rented

  • Maximum Occupancy: 8 adults & 2 children
  • Parking: 6 Vehicles

506 Bruce Street, Port Elgin, ON

This property rents longterm only.


Air Conditioning
BBQ: Propane
Coffee Maker, Drip



Home Away From Home Policies & Terms

These policies are a general set of policies that apply to the majority of our members' properties. Each member may also have additional policies or variations of the ones listed here. If in doubt, feel free to contact the owner with questions.

Our Commitment to the Guest:

We aim to provide all the amenities to make your stay pleasurable. If there is anything we have overlooked, please let us know and we will endeavour to make it so.

We always expect perfect weather and a stay free from natural or man-made disasters for our guests, however we cannot control nature and therefore cannot be held responsible.

Unless specified otherwise, bed sheets and bath & beach towels are NOT supplied.

Making a Reservation:

Please review the following prior to booking your cottage.  These policies will form part of our Rental Agreement with you.  

Summer Season vs. Shoulder Season:

Summer Season commences with the week including Canada Day, July 1st and continues through to Labor Day, the first Monday in September.  
Most summer seasons are nine (9) weeks long, with occasional ten (10) week summers. In this case the tenth week is the considered to be the second last week of the summer.  Shouder Season includes the remainder of June & September weeks.

Return Guests:

Return guest’s week(s) will be held and they have until November 1st to confirm.  First refusals will be accepted for these dates.  

New Guests:

Complete the on line Reservation Form and we will reply to you with booking instructions.  If we do not receive your e-transfer within forty-eight (48) hours, or your deposit cheque within five (5) business days, your reservation is cancelled.  All reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.

Book Early:

Avoid disappointment! The earlier you make your reservation request for your family's vacation the more likely you are to secure the property for the date you prefer.


Unless explicitly stated in the listing all properties DO NOT allow pets … some of our owners/guests have allergies.


We reserve the right to limit the number of occupants.  
Any person, regardless of age, is considered an occupant.  
Maximum occupancy will be stated on each properties listing.  

Use of temporary accommodations (tents, campers, etc.) on the property is strictly prohibited without written approval of the owner / manager.   

Subletting is strictly prohibited!  If the guests are 'splitting' a visit the individual responsible for each time period must be formally identified.


Unless otherwise noted, all fees & charges include HST, and are to be paid in Canadian Funds.  

We do not accept credit cards.  

All payments are to be made by way of certified cheque, money order, bank draft, traveller's cheque, personal cheque or email transfers and payable as directed. 

The deposit is due upon booking and the balance is due thirty (30) days prior to your arrival.  If paying by cheque the balance cheque is to be post dated and submitted with the deposit. 

Bookings expire if deposit not received in five (5) business days.  

Reservations made within thirty (30) days of arrival are due in full.  

There is a $50.00 administration charge for any NSF cheques.  


Confirmation will be emailed/mailed when the deposit is received.

Upon written confirmation of the reservation by HafH or the owner & their agents, these terms and conditions form a binding contract between the guest(s) and HAFH.  Receipt of any deposit prior to written confirmation of the reservation shall not constitute acceptance of any booking.  


In the event all fees are not paid when due, Home Away From Home has the right to cancel the booking.  

Guest initiated cancellations may be made by email, however it is the guests responsibility to ensure this email is received by the recipient.  It is strongly recommended the cancellation be confirmed with the recipient by phone.  A cancellation is not considered valid until confirmed in writing by the owner or their agent.  

  1. If you cancel before 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival and your week remains vacant, the whole deposit is forfeited. If it is rebooked, you will be refunded all but a $250.00 administration fee.
  2. If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled arrival and your week remains vacant, then your whole payment is forfeited.  

The Guests' Commitment:

The Guests agree to abide by the restrictions set out herein and as set out in the Owner's Rules specific to the property, if applicable.

The Guests agree that they are responsible for the adherence to these restrictions by any and all visitors to the cottage during the guest's stay.
Non-compliance may result in immediate eviction!  

Unless otherwise specified, the guest MUST supply their own bed sheets, bath & beach towels.  If any guest sleeps directly on the mattress protectors or comforters, or if towels or blankets are taken from the property to the beach there will be an additional laundering fee charged to the guest.

Respect the Properties:

  • These properties are someone else's private property being offered for your enjoyment, therefore deserves your utmost respect.  
  • Please DO NOT rearrange furniture, make unapproved modifications, or use things for purposes they are not intended.
  • Please do not remove mattress protectors or other hygiene devices; they are used for your protection and the protection of others; if you have concerns please contact the owner / property manager.  
  • If something is locked, it is locked for a reason; the owners do not want the guests to have to access to it!  
  • There is a by-law in Saugeen Shores, 19-2010, stating ‘NO noise after 11 p.m. and before 7 a.m.’.  
  • By-law 30-2000; Camp fires, for cooking and warmth, are allowed in Saugeen Shores unless a fire ban is invoked due to extremely dry weather conditions.  Bonfires require a permit issued by the Saugeen Shores Fire Department.  
  • If there is not a campfire pit on a property, do not install one.
  • Other by-laws of interest; Parking 51-2009; Fireworks 53-2006; Animal 36-2004. All are available on the municipal website   
  • Our Golden Rule; if the neighbours do not complain the owner / manager is happy!

We appreciate your compliance. Your negligence could ruin the experience for others if the property is removed from circulation.    

No Smoking:

There is no smoking of any substance, including but not limited to cigarettes, marijuana cigarettes, vaporizors, e-cigs, etc. allowed inside any Home Away From Home property, including outbuildings.  No smoking of any kind is allowed within 3 meters of any open door or window of any structure. 

Please dispose of butts in a non-combustible container to ensure there is no possibility of fire and ensure these butt containers are safely disposed of prior to your departure.


Any marijuana, or marijuana products brought into the premises must be sealed in an appropriate container to prevent the odour from permeating the interior environment.

No preparation of marijuana products is allowed inside any structure on the property.

The growing of marijuana plants and/or the use of hydroponic equipment anywhere on a Home Away From Home property is prohibited.

Any residue or waste will be stored in a sealed non-flammable container. It is the registered guests’ responsibility to safely dispose of this container prior to check out.


We rely on our guest to report any potential problems, regardless of how petty they may seem, as soon as possible after the problem is noticed, so it can be corrected before the next guests arrive.  

Some owners require a Damage Deposit.  They reserve the right to use all or part of this damage deposit for excessive and/or deliberate damage, excessive cleaning or any other non-compliance with this agreement.  

Other owners do not require a damage deposit.  These owners accept that normal wear and tear is inevitable.  If excessive or deliberate damage does occur, the guest will  be responsible for the cost of repairs.

After thirty (30) days a collection agency's services will be utilized. 


The property will be clean prior to your arrival.  If the property is not clean, please report the problem immediately to the owner / property manager so the cleaning staff can be flogged and the cleanliness raised to our discerning standard.  It is the guests' responsibility to ensure the property is left at least as clean and tidy as when they arrived. Cleaning supplies are available for your use.  Deduction from your damage deposit, where applicable, will result if this cleanliness policy is not adhered to.  If a damage deposit was not required the guest will be invoiced for any elevated cleaning required. Our cleaning staff are expected to only have to sanitize between the previous guests departure and subsequent guests arrival, not be your domestic servant!  Be assured you will not be welcomed back to any of our participating properties if your lack of cleanliness was an issue. 

Garbage & Recycling:

Please ensure garbage is secured in cans or garbage bins to keep vermin at bay; nocturnal raccoons, skunks & bears and in the daytime our 'flying rats' (seagulls). A garbage bag is an open invitation!  
Garbage and recycling collection will be posted in each property.
Recycling is free, but limited.  Please refer to for what Bruce Area Recycling accepts.  
Bag Tags, available at local retailers or the town offices, are required for the top of garbage inside the container placed out curb side for Municipal collection. No Bag Tags are required for any garbage accumulated after the municipal pick up if specified in your check in and out details.  On turn over day any garbage and recycling will be collected as a courtesy and taken to the landfill and recycling center on your behalf.  If the garbage and/or the recycling is not tidy this courtesy will not be extended for the guests' future stays and the guests will be responsibe to remove the garbage and recycling from the property upon check out.   

Terms and Conditions

The Owner and / or HafH shall be allowed access to the cottage at any reasonable time during any rental period.  

Home away from Home (HafH) does not own the property. Where applicable, HafH is a local liaison on behalf of the Owner(s) & Guest(s).  Other properties are managed directly by the owner in which case their terms & conditions apply. The Guests' use of the property is subject to the owners' rules which may be more or less restrictive than those posted on this website and may be unique to the property.  These Owner's Rules will be posted at the property prior to the guests’ arrival and HafH has no control over these rules. HafH has no direct control over the standard of each property and will not be held responsible. 

The Guest releases Home away from Home and property owners from any and all claims of any kind that may arise as a result of any act or omission, negligence, gross negligence, accident, injury, damage of any kind or any other loss of any kind caused or contributed to by any party that may occur during the rental period.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinquishers

The cottages are equipped with a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector as well as fire extinguisher pursuant to the Ontario Fire Code. Tenants/renters/guests/visitors/occupants are NOT to tamper with these detectors (ie. remove batteries, etc.). In the event the detectors/equipment are tampered with, applicable fines pursuant to the Ontario Fire Code will apply.  If there are any issues or problems with the detectors/equipment please immediately call the owner or property manager. 

Privacy Statement:

HafH will not distribute any of the guest's personal information contained in this Reservation.  
HafH will use the information collected solely for review purposes to ensure that the owner's rental criteria is met and to contact guests for future rentals.

For additional privacy information as it pertains to the website, click here.

Website Ownership:

HafH mini sites remain the sole ownership of  The sites and memberships are non-transferrable.

Saugeen Shores 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary of Saugeen Shores. Celebrate throughout the year of 2024. Join us for an unforgettable weekend of music, community, and celebration August 9-11! Saturday August 10 SLOAN is headlining the concert, delivering a soul-stirring performance that transcends genres, also featuring The Sofa Kings. With their chart-topping hits and magnetic stage presence, Sloan is set to make this a night to remember. Bring your energy and let the music move you! Dwayne Gretzky will keep the vibes alive so you can dance the night away as they bring classic hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to the stage.

Port Elgin Beaches

Port Elgin boasts six distinct beaches, each with its own charm and allure. These sandy stretches have been drawing visitors to the area since the late 1800s, and once you experience them, you'll understand why. From family-friendly spots featuring playgrounds to more secluded shores perfect for a romantic getaway, Port Elgin's beaches cater to all beachgoers. The updated harbour adds to the appeal, making it a destination that keeps people coming back. With the variety of beaches, visitors can find their own piece of paradise to spread out and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Southampton Beaches

Southampton, Ontario boasts a stunning, pristine sandy beach that stretches for kilometers, known for its rare dune grass that helps maintain the beach's natural beauty. The waterfront features the "Big Flag" at the base of High Street, the historic Pinafore Boardwalk, Captain Spence Trail, the Saugeen Shores Waterfront Trail and Pioneer Park, offering a charming blend of history and nature. With parks, swings and benches along the shore, it's a perfect spot for all ages to relax and enjoy the view, including the remarkable sight of the 1856 Imperial Lighthouse on Chantry Island.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, located just south of Port Elgin, is a natural wonder along Lake Huron. Its seven-kilometre shoreline boasts diverse ecosystems, including swamps, marshes, ponds, and bogs. The park offers guided walks led by interpreters, providing insights into its rich flora and fauna. One of the park's charming activities is feeding chickadees from your hand, offering an up-close experience with these friendly birds. Open year-round, the park offers something for everyone, from hiking and beach activities to wildlife watching.

Historic Walking Tours

Explore the rich heritage of the Town of Saugeen Shores with self-guided walking and driving tours. Discover heritage buildings and historical points of interest that showcase the unique history of our community. Immerse yourself in the stories and landmarks that have shaped Saugeen Shores into the vibrant town it is today. The amalgamation of Port Elgin, Southampton, and Saugeen Township occurred in 1998, uniting these communities into the Town of Saugeen Shores. This merger aimed to streamline services, promote economic development, and create a stronger, more unified community.

Chantry Island

Chantry Island, located off the coast of Southampton, is a historic gem with its iconic Imperial Tower standing tall against the backdrop of Lake Huron. This island is steeped in maritime history, boasting a century-old lighthouse and keeper's cottage. Guided tours to Chantry Island provide a unique opportunity to explore this heritage site, offering visitors a glimpse into the life of a lighthouse keeper and climb the 107-step tower for breathtaking panoramic views. The island is a Federal Migratory Bird Haven. It's the broadest sanctuary of its kind between James Bay and Point Pelee.

Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre

The Bruce County Museum in Southampton offers a captivating journey through the region's history and culture. Housed in a modern facility, the museum showcases exhibits that explore the natural and cultural heritage of Bruce County. Visitors can discover the area's rich history, from the early Indigenous peoples to the present day, through interactive displays, artifacts, and multimedia presentations. The museum also features the Bruce County Archives, and a gift shop. With its engaging exhibits and educational programs, the Bruce County Museum is a must-visit destination for all ages.

Bruce Power Visitor Centre

The Visitors’ Centre offers interactive displays and informative exhibits for all ages. Over-looking Lake Huron, the Visitors' Centre is open year-round, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., though closed on statutory holidays. Pre-registration for the 2024 Summer Site Bus Tour Program is now open! June has one bus tour a day, Monday to Friday. In July and August the bus tours run seven days a week, with three tours a day during these summer months (excluding statutory holidays and Labour Day weekend).

Southampton Arts Centre

Southampton Arts supports and encourages cultural expression, education in the arts and an appreciation of the arts. We are a community ART CENTRE with a vibrant and active ART SCHOOL and a professional and engaging ART GALLERY that exhibits over 50 juried artists from the Grey Bruce area.

Southampton Tennis Club

The Southampton Tennis Club, nestled in the heart of Southampton, offers a vibrant tennis community. With four well-maintained courts, including two lit for evening play, the club welcomes players of all skill levels. Everyone can enjoy the sport in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. The club's programs cater to all ages, with lessons, clinics, and tournaments throughout the season. Members can also take advantage of social events, creating a tight-knit tennis family. The Southampton Tennis Club provides the perfect setting to enjoy the game and build lasting friendships.

The Southampton Market

Enjoy a warm summer afternoon at the Market by relaxing at the outdoor picnic patio adjacent to the parking area located at the rear. Join the thousands who visit the Market annually on Hwy. 21 in Southampton (three hours north of Toronto) for a shopping experience reminiscent of a bygone era.

Port Elgin Farmers Market

Experience the vibrant atmosphere at the Port Elgin Farmers Market, running from the first Wednesday in June to the first Wednesday in September, from 9 am to 2 pm. Located at the corner of Bricker and Green Street in Port Elgin, this market showcases the best of local produce, crafts, and artisanal goods. Stroll through the market to discover fresh fruits & vegetables, homemade baked goods, unique handcrafted items, and more. Enjoy the friendly faces and lively conversations as you support local vendors and find fresh, high-quality products. The market embodies the spirit of the community.

Marine Heritage Artisans Craft & Tastes Market

The Marine Heritage Artisans Craft & Tastes Market is every Friday from June 28 to August 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.. Located at 26 Albert St, Southampton ON - around the Boat House in the parking lot of the Southampton Coliseum. Featuring 50+ talented artisans, farmers, and cooks from across Bruce County. The Artisans & Tastes Market is not to be missed. This market is a fundraiser for the Marine Heritage Society & Propeller Club who work on the the restoration and maintenance of the Range lights and Chantry Island Lightstation. Go check out this unique local little Market.

Keady Market

Stroll through rustic alleys packed with 250 vendors selling a variety of produce, home baking, crafts and more! Open on Tuesdays from 7 am to 2 pm

Lakeview Summer Markets

Lakeview Vendor Markets run from June 17 to September 2. Monday in Sauble Beach at Town Square - Wednesday in Wiarton at Blue Water Park - Thursday in Sauble Beach at Town Square - Friday in Sauble Beach at Town Square. Lakeview Vendor Markets bring on summer event. Come on out to the Sauble Beach Community Hall and support 57 talented local vendors. Let's get summer started! Donations accepted for our local food bank at the door, but not mandatory.

Parks & Trails

Explore the beauty of Saugeen Shores through its diverse trails! Discover numerous parks with playgrounds, splash pads in Port Elgin & Southampton, and an outdoor workout park. For furry companions, there's a spacious off-leash dog park. Each trail offers a unique experience: stroll along the Waterfront Trail from Port Elgin to Southampton, immerse in nature along the Woodland and Biener Trails, or follow the old CN line on the Saugeen RailTrail. Enjoy a serene walk around Fairy Lake, exploring the tree carvings and water dwellers. Saugeen Shores has something for everyone to enjoy outdoors!

Golf Courses

Saugeen Shores, offers a delightful golfing experience with its scenic courses and welcoming atmosphere. The area boasts several renowned golf clubs, including Saugeen, a picturesque 27-hole course that challenges players of all skill levels with its well-maintained fairways. Southampton's 18 holes have quiet rolling fairways and flawless greens spreading out into a relaxing setting. For a more relaxed game, the South Port has a charming 9-hole course surrounded by lush greenery. Golf enthusiasts also enjoy the challenging layout of Westlinks, featuring 12 holes nestled amidst rolling hills.


The Saugeen River meanders westward, weaving through picturesque Bruce County scenery before gracefully meeting Lake Huron in Southampton. Spanning 100 kilometers and offering 15 Access Points, this river has it all: serene, wide stretches of gentle currents, thrilling white rapids, and intriguing eddies. Embark on a journey along the Saugeen for an unforgettable experience, creating memories that will endure a lifetime. On a calm day enjoy your SUP, kayak or canoe out along Lake Huron's coastline.

Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club

Founded in 2009, the Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club helps young athletes develop to their maximum potential in the Sport of Lifesaving. Spring and Summer program registration is now open! Sign your kids up so they can enjoy and learn in the water! Check out our programs online. Look forward to seeing you at the beach!

Winter Activities

Experience the magic of winter in Saugeen Shores with a variety of exciting activities! Embrace the snowy landscape with cross-country skiing or snowshoeing along the picturesque trails, offering stunning views of the frozen shoreline and tranquil forests. For those seeking adventure, snowmobiling trails crisscross the region, providing an exhilarating ride through the winter wonderland. If relaxation is more your style, enjoy skating on the outdoor ice at MacGregor Point or a cozy bonfire at the cottage. Saugeen Shores is the perfect destination to enjoy the beauty and excitement of winter!

Southampton Summer Concert Series

A great way to end a Sunday evening in Saugeen Shores is to enjoy a summer concert. Live bands play a variety of different types of music for your listening pleasure. Residents and visitors alike enjoy these outdoor evening musical events, which take place during the summer months every Sundays from July Long Weekend through September Long weekend starting at 7pm.

Port Elgin Summer Concert Series

A great way to end a Sunday evening in Saugeen Shores is to enjoy a summer concert. Live bands play a variety of different types of music for your listening pleasure. Residents and visitors alike enjoy these outdoor evening musical events, which take place during the summer months every Sundays from July Long Weekend through September Long weekend from 7 p.m. till 8:30 p.m.

Cruisers Cruise Nites

Cruisers Cruise Nites in Southampton, every Thursday from June to August provide an exciting evening of awesome cars, music, and even a 50/50 draw! Come and stroll Millard Boulevard in Downtown Southampton, and enjoy the large number of custom, classic and antique cars with classic rock to set the mood. Hosted by Mr. Cruiser from 6:30-9pm, Cruisers Cruise Nites are a great spectacle for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. While there, try your luck on their weekly 50/50 draws.

Marine Heritage Festival

Three days of fun, food, and music for all ages – July 26 to 28, 2024. So much to do – children’s gold hunt, games in the park, bike rally, and more! So much to see – open door Range Light and Museum exhibits, yacht club sail past, even a ghost walk! So much to hear – shanty songs, summer jazz gala, music in a beer garden! So much to eat – community pancake breakfast, corn roast, fish fry, and tasty offerings by other food vendors! And don’t miss brave souls of all ages racing their homebuilt cardboard boats to victory… or a watery demise!

Owen Sound Farmers' Market

The Owen Sound Farmers' Market has been operating in the same location since 1936. In the heart of Owen Sound's River District, it is right next to Owen Sound City Hall, on the east bank of the Sydenham River. Open Saturday - 8:00 am to 12:30 pm - Year Round.