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If you are a cottage owner in Saugeen Shores looking to earn additional revenue during the summer or the off-season months by renting out your cottage and are interested in a cost effective way to promote it, send us an email to get more information on how to be a part of Home Away From Home.ca group.

Homeawayfromhome.ca is a directory for off season and summer rentals for your vacation home or private cottage in Saugeen Shores, Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron.

Benefits of Membership

Homeawayfromhome.ca has been in operation since 2002 as a network providing a web presence for vacation property owners. We have built up a stable position on Google, Yahoo and Bing so that ranking on relevant searches is excellent and users have been able to find and use the site with ease. With a full membership to homeawayfromhome.ca you get all the benefits of the search position we have established on our Search Engine Optimized site that includes a responsive layout for mobile users. We have enjoyed a consistent increase in web traffic over our history.

You receive a unique mini-site with a user friendly URL that can be included in advertising and on promotional materials with a distinct design tailored to you. Our own search engine allows users to search for any availability date between June and September, in combination with location, capacity and amenity search so that your property can be found easily. Your custom site includes a photo gallery, testimonial system, reservation request form and an availability calendar that you can edit with private administrative access in the editor application. Homeawayfromhome.ca provides 99.9% uptime server availability so visitors can always access your site.

The one time fee for building your site as part of homeawayfromhome.ca is roughly 70% less than the cost of having a website designed and coded and you also save the cost of domain registration.

Additionally, at the members expense, a painted 12" x 24" Colonial Style sign can be purchased, with the HafH logo on the top, the name or address of your cottage and contact number to identify the properties affiliation.

There are presently two levels of participation available to members.

Option #1 –

$100.00 per year gets you full membership on the Homeawayfromhome.ca platform.  

In addition, the following services are available (fee schedule to be negotiated upon enrollment):

  • Provide the tools to market your property.
  • Be the 1st line of contact for guests while at the property.
  • Deal with emergent issues.
  • Meet with all guests upon arrival; distribute and collect keys.
  • Inspect property before and after guests for wear and tear; normal wear and tear is to be expected.
  • Inform owners of property damage or misconduct.
  • Familiarize guests with equipment, basic running of cottage, security, garbage, curfews, numbers of guests allowed on the property and proper conduct for guests will be discussed (pets, treatment of cottage, neighbours, etc.).
  • If items left after guests leave, notify the guests and, with their approval, return by mail at the guest's expense.
  • Arrange for cleaning, lawn maintenance, garbage & blue box removal on turnover and minor repairs.
  • With prior approval; obtain items for the property.
  • Advise if property needs additional maintenance. Upkeep of property must be maintained to our minimum standard or Homeawayfromhome.ca has the right to withdraw services with warning.
  • Send thank you via email/phone/text to previous guests and ask for voluntary suggestions to make guests stay more comfortable & stress free (exit survey).

Option #2 –

$50.00 per year to link your website to HomeawayfromHome.ca

If you would like to discuss this further please .